About Persuasion Automation

Persado invented a way of using computers to write natural language called Persuasion Automation. The platform uses advanced math and science to generate the most persuasive language for digital communications intended to drive action. Through various message types and ad units like emails, display ads and mobile messages, the engine of the commercial internet is driven on short, digital, persuasive messages. Calculating the optimal emotional language to use, Persado’s Persuasion Automation has shown an average 75% greater performance compared to copy created in the traditional manner, by human copywriters without the help of persuasive language automation.

What we deliver:

  • Machine generated campaign language, designed to engender the optimal direct response rates, whether measured as opens, clicks, conversions, orders, etc.
  • Unique linguistic attribution dashboard showing relative impact of words and phrases across campaign
  • Average 75% improvement versus control copy written by humans unaided by Persuasion Automation
  • Iconic Wheel of Emotions represents 19 categories of emotional language explored automatically by Persado
  • Breakthrough writing tool for marketers and copywriters that uses math and science to figure out the optimal wording
  • Persuasive Emotional Index of most emotionally engaging language for your audience/segment

Founded 12/12/12 with worldwide headquarters located 15 floors above the National Museum of Mathematics in New York’s Flatiron District, Persado is the Winner of the DMA’s 2014 Innovation Award for Digital Technology and is backed by Bain Capital Ventures, StarVest Partners, American Express Ventures, and Citi Ventures. The company has offices in San Francisco, Athens, London, Rome, and Rio de Janeiro.

About #MathMeetsMktg

The #MathMeetsMktg campaign provides resources for understanding the role of mathematics and data science in modern marketing and business. A joint initiative of professional football player John Urschel and Persuasion Automation pioneer Persado, further information is available at

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The People



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  • With the high volume and sophisticated cadence of our customer campaigns, as well as our “intense focus on giving the customer what they really want” any new partner has a very high bar to achieve. Persado is pioneering a new programmatic approach to digital messaging. Not only were they able to accommodate our complex requirements, but importantly they were also able to demonstrate substantial lift across all key performance metrics, including downstream conversions.

    Jake Maas EVP - LivingSocial
  • Our reactivation campaigns are very important and we partnered with Persado for enhancing the messaging in our e mails. The Persado platform was able to quickly learn the emotions and other language elements that best resonate with our target audience. We were delighted with the increased response rates that the Persado platform was able to deliver.

    Ellen Ablow Senior Manager CRM - SurveyMonkey
  • We are a modern insurance company constantly exploring new technologies to improve our customer's experience. Persado freed up internal resources by understanding how we do business and demonstrated an intense focus on delivering provable results.

    Justine Cutler Database Marketing Manager - Esurance

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