Machine Generated Messaging — Because Data is More Persuasive Than Guesswork

Persado Enterprise

Persado Enterprise platform is positioned as our flagship persuasion automation solution for companies wanting the highest-performing machine-generated marketing language and persuasive emotional insights across multiple marketing channels and brands.

Custom content is generated per segment for every brand with a 99% probability of higher performance*.

Reporting and Support:
Advanced and ad hoc reporting to uncover the emotions and language that drive performance.

Access to campaign and data experts to strategically drive the ultimate performance and continuously monitor for message decay.

Channels offered:

  • Email Subject Lines
  • Email Body
  • Landing Pages
  • SMS
  • Display Ads
  • Mobile Push App Notifications

Persado Go

Persado Go is the first-ever completely automated self-service persuasion automation solution for customers requiring instant turn-around through an easy-to-use interface.

Advanced reporting provides insights into the persuasive language that drives engagement, including the emotional language that drives the highest rates of campaign response.

Channels offered:
Persado Go is currently being offered for Subject Lines with other channels, including display, to come in the near future.

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