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Persado’s cognitive content platform generates language that inspires action. Powered by cognitive computing technologies, the platform eliminates the random process behind traditional message creation. Persado arms organizations and individuals with “smart content” that maximizes the efficacy of communication with any audience at scale, while delivering unique insight into the specific triggers that drive action.


To transform everyone into the most effective communicators.


To arm brands and individuals with cognitive content that resonates and inspires any given audience to action.


Persado’s cognitive content platform started at Upstream, a European mobile marketing and commerce powerhouse.

After sending SMS campaigns to millions of people every month, the team noticed that changing one word in a message significantly affected response rates.

With some experimentation and loads of math, they engineered a way to generate the maximum set of message permutations, test a representative sample, and determine the best message for driving action.

Following its success, Persado spun off as a separate company on 12/12/12.

Persado has since infused cognitive content into over 45 million marketing
messages on email, Facebook, display, mobile and even offline, continuously
feeding its machine learning algorithms response data from billions of

More than a hundred global brands use Persado to optimize marketing
campaigns, resulting in a 49.5% average lift in conversions, a 68.4%
improvement in click-through rates, and $1 billion in incremental revenues.

We’re exploring other areas where we can make a difference generating messages that inspire. The possibilities are endless.

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Our People

Our cognitive content platform isn’t the only thing that sets Persado apart. The Persado Team brings unbeatable energy and passion to delivering results, maximizing client ROI, and pioneering the potential of our unique technology.


If you’re looking to join one of the fastest growing and most fearlessly innovative technology companies in the world, take a look at our open positions all over the globe.


  • We are a modern insurance company constantly exploring new technologies to improve our customer's experience. Persado freed up internal resources by understanding how we do business and demonstrated an intense focus on delivering provable results.

    Justine Cutler Database Marketing Manager - Esurance
  • Our reactivation campaigns are very important and we partnered with Persado for enhancing the messaging in our e mails. The Persado platform was able to quickly learn the emotions and other language elements that best resonate with our target audience. We were delighted with the increased response rates that the Persado platform was able to deliver.

    Ellen Ablow Senior Manager CRM - SurveyMonkey
  • With the high volume and sophisticated cadence of our customer campaigns, as well as our “intense focus on giving the customer what they really want” any new partner has a very high bar to achieve. Persado is pioneering a new programmatic approach to digital messaging. Not only were they able to accommodate our complex requirements, but importantly they were also able to demonstrate substantial lift across all key performance metrics, including downstream conversions.

    Jake Maas EVP - LivingSocial

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