The Science of Emotions in Customer Engagement

How Machine-Learning Drives Action

What is at the center of the next generation of marketing? The Relevancy Group surveyed 301 executives to find the answer: machine-learning platforms with sophisticated natural language processing capabilities for the production of “smart” content that resonates with a customer’s emotional decision-making.

Join Persado and The Relevancy Group for a webinar in which we present these findings.

In today’s connected marketplace, it is critical for digital marketers to deliver content that establishes a deeper emotional connection with the brand. Join this webinar to learn about how marketers are already implementing machine-learning technology to do just that, and the benefits they have experienced as a result.

The power of natural language processing has now been perfected for use in marketing and advertising… New machine-learning technologies allow marketers to create engaging, emotionally intelligent content in order to improve personalization. — David Daniels, The Relevancy Group

The webinar will focus on, among others, the following points:

  • Why are marketing executives adopting these technologies in the first place, and equally important, what are the results?
  • How to assess a machine-learning content automation platform to be sure that it’s a sound investment.
  • How statistically determined emotional language is key to improving consumer engagement.

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