Employee Profile: Cristina Dinozo, Sr Director of Communications


As head of communications, what are your responsibilities?

I am responsible for the development and execution of all media and analyst relationships programs, with the singular goal of making Persado famous.

What are some of Persado’s big accomplishments in 2016?

2016 has been a big year for us! Our Series C announcement gave us a perfect opportunity to reposition Persado as a cognitive content platform, just as AI was being redefined as a viable solution for enterprise. We’re getting more — and more meaningful — press coverage than ever, awards like the Inc. 500 that recognize our incredible growth, and industry accolades from the likes of Gartner. We still have a lot of work to do to reach “famous” status, but we’re confident that it’s just a matter of time.

Why do you think there’s so much interest in AI right now?

Mankind has been fascinated with the idea of sentient machines for decades. But now recent breakthroughs in machine learning and other underpinning technologies have made AI a viable solution for businesses. The challenge today is that so many technology providers are hyping their offerings as ‘AI’ but without much transparency or worse, accountability. That’s why a major focus of our communications efforts over the next year will be on leading the discussion around AI-powered solutions and examining the marketscape with a healthy dose of pragmatism. Our op-ed on Wired.com is such an example, and there will be more to come.

Is Persado actually AI?

As far as enterprise solutions go, Persado is a prime example of focused AI done correctly. Our stack includes all the proper AI buzzwords — cognitive computing, natural language processing, natural language generation, neural networks — but the only thing the really matters is that our platform not only works, it works extremely well. Our growth over the past four years testifies to how well we’re delivering against our mission to help brands and other organizations inspire their audiences to act.

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