Employee Profile: Emily Menchel, General Counsel & Global Head of HR



How do you think work culture contributes to morale and productivity at Persado?

“Work culture” is a buzzword in the talent acquisition and retention world. Companies boast of their great culture, but culture is almost impossible to define. With that premise, I do think Persado’s culture contributes strongly to morale. We demand excellence from our employees, and our employees demand excellence in turn from themselves and each other. We support each other, collaborate, and cheer each other on. Peers recognize each other for going above and beyond their roles, as well as collaborating across groups and departments.


What attributes are you looking for in potential employees?

We’re only as strong as our employees. We want potential employees who are inspired by our adventurous attitude as we define the market for cognitive content. We want people who are eager to learn and passionate about how our data-driven M.O. can deliver real value to customers. It’s an incredible time to work here. Smart, analytical and forward-thinking people will thrive at Persado.  


What makes a Persado employee successful?

There’s no formula. As I noted earlier, there are certain traits that will give employees an edge in succeeding at Persado. It goes without saying that smart, hardworking, analytical people will feel at home here. That said, our truly standout employees are the ones most fired up about our product suite and the future we’re building for innovative content creation.


Is Persado hiring? If so, why work at Persado?

Persado is hiring for specific positions, but we’re always on the lookout for great mathletes. I’ve touched on some reasons why working here is so exciting. People here have the opportunity to contribute to creating and defining an entirely new content market. Just as important, it’s an incredibly collaborative place to work with plenty of room to learn and grow. Our employees don’t just “get along.” We actually really like each other. People like to come here to work every day.    


What major events or trends going on in the organization shape your 2017 plans, and what major events or themes do you envision coming over the next 12 months?

Right now, we’re neck-deep in planning our 2017 offsite for March. Every year, the entire company, from all over the world, come together for three days of learning, teaching, and collaborating. Each employee will dive deep into the other functions in the organization so we can all come away with a holistic understanding of what we do as a company. We will also emphasize our approach to creating value for our customers by increasing their return on marketing dollars spent. This value creation for our customers is one of our guiding principles as we go into 2017.

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