Persado Enterprise platform is our flagship cognitive content generation solution for companies wanting the highest-performing machine-generated marketing language and emotional response insight across multiple marketing channels and brands.

Custom content is generated per segment for every brand with a 100%* probability of higher performance.

Reporting and Support:
Advanced and ad hoc reporting to uncover the emotions and language that drive performance.

Access to campaign and data experts to strategically drive the ultimate performance and continuously monitor for message decay.

Channels offered:

Email Subject Lines

Email Body

Landing Pages

Display Ads


SMS & Mobile Push App Notifications

*Persado’s cognitive content outperforms human-crafted messages 100% of the time. In rare instances, variations resulting from brand or legal guidelines, serving methodology, or other outlier variables might affect message performance.

Wheel of Emotions

We use our emotional ontology to tag, score, and categorize every word, phrase, and image in our database. It was created to allow our model to effectively parse hundreds of thousands of ways to convey emotions and effectively use them to amplify the impact of marketing campaigns. This ontology we translated into an accessible infographic that we call the Wheel of Emotions.

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